Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Tuesday Training - November 2nd, 2010

Out to Waggles this afternoon to work Teller - My goal tonight was to work A-Frame and dogwalk contacts and weave entries. Here's what we worked....As I was dragging equipment around and setting up I had some snippets of sequences in mind - it's not until I have all the bits and pieces setup that I can start to put together longer sequences....I planned to make this a "one stick" session, with contacts and weaves. I worked Teller for about 10 minutes on six different sequences before I got paged and headed home. I find that 10 minute sessions are about the perfect training duration - just enough, not too much - so the pager ended up coming at a good time...

I ran BLUE and then RED.

BLUE: Historically that jump after the dogwalk (red #3) is an off-course waiting to happen. Teller loves those 'GO's after the dogwalk...Twice this weekend we had a 90 degree turn off the end of the dogwalk. We needed to work a smoother and tighter front cross there.

RED: Now he gets to take the jump off the dogwalk. This weave entry is tough - probably the toughest entry for Teller - 90 degree entry off #4.

GREEN: Another tough weave entry. Same entry as the red sequence above, but now with benefit of tunnel acceleration. Rear-crossed #3, strong pull off the dog-walk to #5

RED: Tunnel-A-Frame, threadle #4 to #5, another "red" weave entry.

GREEN: Now a front-cross after the a-frame to the "wrong" end of the tunnel. Fun pinwheel sequence for #7 through #10.

BLUE: Run by the tunnel opening that's screaming for an off-course entry. Working a bit more of the "don't take tunnels without permission Mr. T-Woo....
And now it's green tripe night for the boys while I finish draining the pool...Sorry boys, the pool is closed for the season.

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