Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Training - November 16th, 2010

I was running late tonight so I decided to reuse much of the existing setup (pinwheel, a-frame and teeter) - my plan was to work contacts and weaves - as you can see that's what we did!

I had so much fun with this one - I expected a tough discrimination between the dogwalk and the jump - Woo nailed the discrimination both ways. NAILED it!  I ended up layering the weaves (and the discrimination jump) and it just worked :-) Notice the orange dog in a perfect 2o/2o!

This map looks a little messy doesn't it...The BLACK sequence gave Teller some momentum hitting the A-frame into his "Yellow". I'm at the point where I'm not doing a lot of a-frame reps anymore - but I'm really proofing it right now. I like what he's giving me.
The GREEN sequence was a stop on the a-frame and a pull to the teeter.
The RED sequence finished with a tough weave entry...Teller had the best line to the weaves when I stayed inside the pinwheel and rear-crossed the weaves. Not surprisingly if I put a front-cross between 6-7 or a blind after #5 his weave entry was SUPER ugly (though he got it).
The BLUE sequence gave us a wrap to the a-frame.

The last of our sequences tonight. Sort of "a breeze-thru". RED was a speed circle into the weaves and BLACK was just an after-thought really - one more weave entry.

All told - 5 minutes to setup, 10 minutes to work Teller and another 5 minutes to play indoor frisbee!

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