Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Cluster

We're back (and mostly recovered) from our trip down to Springfield, MA for the annual Thanksgiving Cluster hosted by LEAP and Talcott Mountain Agility Club. For those who haven't been to the cluster - it's HUGE...Two breed buildings with 2500+ conformation entries, an obedience building with 200+  obedience entries, 150+ rally entries and 4 rings of agility with  2060 agility runs each day....HUGE show.

Agility is indoors, on dirt in the Mallory building...and while the rings stay pretty damp and dust-free the aisle-ways as competitors track dirt out of the rings have been so dusty that by day three one cannot see from one end of the building to the other - lots of folks come down with "cluster lung" a few days after arriving home. I work out of my car so that I can limit my dogs' exposure to the dust and exposure to the sheer volume of other dogs that are in and out of the buildings.This year the clubs involved in the cluster hired a man to walk around with a hand sprayer - spraying the floors with water and dampening the dust considerably. I thanked him every time I passed him - and I know he was a popular fellow. Genius idea from the club. Kudos!!!

A few years ago I brought Murphy to the cluster - WAY too much going on in there for Murphy. Teller LOVES all of the attention and people - almost thriving on the crowds! Teller also seems to like dirt too. Most of our trials indoors are in rings that are 80x90 - the rings at the cluster were big, open 100x100 spaces - LOTS of room to run and the space encouraged big wide-open courses. 

Super fun courses, great judges, happy exhibitors, efficient organization and Teller picked up a couple of JWW legs and some points :-) Can't wait to go back and play again next year! Thanks team cluster!


Kristine said...

Yay! I love how thrilled Teller always looks to be there. You both are a pleasure to watch out there.

. said...

Thanks Kristine!!! He loves playing the game!