Sunday, November 07, 2010

Schenectady Dog Training Club - November 6-7, 2010

First a lesson in spelling - Schenectady - S-C-H-E-N-E-C-T-A-D-Y. For whatever reason I just can't spell Schenectady - thank god for spell-check.
Dear Google Chrome
I bow to your spelling superiority. Thanks for saving me from myself. 

OK enough of that...This weekend we were back at High Goal Farm in Greenwich, NY - I love High Goal, HUGE brightly lit facility, wood paneling (think upscale stable), big windows, lots of parking, lots of places to walk the dogs, awesome footing (grippy rubber flooring) and super agility folks to spend the weekend with. Teller is always faster at HGF than he is at AK9C - our handy-dandy Agility iLog apps calculates his YPS he was consistently in the 4.25 YPS range for standard (even with bobbles) and in the 4.75 range for JWW. Courses this weekend (by Deborah Hunt) were big (long - the yardages were really up there), open and challenging. Even when we didn't qualify we had fun handling the challenges...

So a recap - Saturday STD: That damn off-course off the dogwalk - Teller saw the chute and took it  - Hey Teller, I'm a tunnel, come run through me....OK sure, sounds like a plan! Equally tempting is the finish jump after the dogwalk...Big old W on the scribe sheet for that one. Saturday JWW, the triple was coming down - better than 50% of dogs had that triple down. We kept the triple up (who am I kidding TELLER kept the triple up) and then I botched a front cross and cost us a refusal - and probably second place by time....Ah well, it was still a blast to run!

Sunday: We started with JWW - Teller put down a super run. No complaints. No placement -  but 7 MACH points on a JWW run - which is more than usual for him. Standard: Lovely run - he put in a super effort and saved the table (good boy). I didn't decelerate for the teeter and he flew right by it (R) - everything else was lovely.

So another weekend of silly mistakes, another weekend of nailing his contacts and weaves - and again, I'm loving how he's running right now - even when I have to "take him by the nose" (figuratively) to get through tight spots on-course.

Here's the video from the weekend:

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