Monday, November 22, 2010

Middlesex County Kennel Club

Mixed bag at the Middlesex trial this weekend. Fun courses, good A-Frame and Dog-Walk contacts from Teller - but we never really connected this weekend. I botched Saturday JWW by not supporting a line - it was a line I'd have bet he'd have found - tunnel back into a one-eighty - he didn't see it and we had a wrong course. Teller came off the teeter in Sunday STD - Sunday's JWW run would have been clean but for a bar - I don't recall the last time Teller's dropped a bar in competition. All's well - my first thought with the bar was that he wasn't feeling well - but I think it was just a mistake. It happens, I'm sure part of it is that he hasn't been seeing full-height jumps lately...Teller will enjoy the rest of the week off and we're going to try to get out for some fun runs this week!

And from the iPhone, THIS is how we roll:
Smurf and Woo on the road again..."Are we there yet?" The boys know we're off to a trial
as soon as the alarm goes off at 4am..

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Kristine said...

I love how relaxed they look in their crates. Inside I know they are excited to get going!