Saturday, November 13, 2010

Four Jumps - Backyard sequences Part Seventeen

Fifty-Five degrees on the 13th of November - what could be better? I dunno, maybe brilliant sunshine and having the day off? Trifecta! The boys got to spend the entire morning outside romping in the yard - Murphy looking wistfully at the closed and partially empty pool...

After I finished cleaning the garage, returning bottles, three loads of laundry and organizing and putting away much of our agility and obedience equipment - I packed up some jumps and my weaves and headed over to the school to work Teller on turf - we won't have too many more days like this before spring! Ten minutes to setup, Ten to work Teller and another Ten to toss the ball while I packed everything back up. The end result is two VERY happy dogs gearing up for their baths and Saturday night - tripe night! .

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