Friday, November 12, 2010

Daylight Savings time and Off to the school...

I spent the bulk of my morning running around with various errands - snow tires, oil change, bank, etc - actually a pretty productive morning of multi-tasking - I spent the majority of my time at the dealership listening to my new audiobook (David Baldacci's Hell's Corner) and reading Microsoft Press Exam Preparation guide for MS 70-640. Yes, it's that time of year - time to re-certify!!!

Before heading into the office I decided to drop off my summer tires and pick up the dogs for a run at the school. Since daylight saving time ended on Sunday - it's been a DARK week with not so much activity for the dogs - who really miss their daily runs. So off we went to the school for some romping!
OK Lady, photo op is done, would ya please throw the ball now?
iPhone 4
Surprisingly good quality picture here I think...HDR version was awful and 
blurry - but the standard option is MUCH clearer.
iPhone 4

Happy DOG!!!

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