Monday, November 01, 2010

Book Review: A Secret Kept by Tatiana DeRosnay

I enjoyed Sarah's Key - so I went into "A Secret Kept" with high hopes - starting the novel on my way down to MA on Friday and finishing it on the way home from the trial on Sunday evening.

I expected to find the same kind of enthralling story in "A Secret Kept", and as I listened - this time starting the book when I knew that I'd have three solid hours to invest in the story - I kept waiting for the story to pick up. I kept waiting for the characters to become interesting, I kept waiting for something compelling to happen within the story. The key words here is that I KEPT WAITING. It never happened. The pieces never came together - there was no magic, no plot - just disjointed pieces of potentially marginally interesting storyline..

Two grown siblings, a vacation, an accident, a long dead mother, several layers of dysfunctional families - some big secret (that honestly isn't so big - really) and about 9 hours of my life I'm not getting back.

Simon Vance is a capable narrator - I've enjoyed his previous work - but even expert narration is unable to save this perpetually boring and uninteresting novel. Pass. Go read "Sarah's Key" and leave this one on the shelf.

A Secret Kept, written by Tatiana DeRosnay, published by Macmillan Audio with a release date of September 14th, 2010. A Secret Kept was narrated by Simon Vance (who also narrated Stieg Larsson's Millenium or "The Girl" trilogy ) and has a running time of eight hours fifty-two minutes.

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