Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Advanced Agility - November 4th, 2010

OK, here's the game plan folks....It's been a few weeks since we worked a JWW sequence, so it's back to some handling skills this week rather than obstacle or game skills. There are three sequences on the course map below. Your assignment is to walk all three colors - but then run each color separately: starting with BLACK, then BLUE and finishing with GREEN. You will warm up your dogs as though this is a trial (in other words you'll be up working your dogs while you are waiting to run, keeping them engaged, heading to the startline - working out your intro routine..). You will enter the ring (no cookies) run your first color and then party out of the ring to where-ever you've stashed your cookies - relax for a minute, reconnect and then get right back into warm-up mode for the second sequence - same deal - warm-up, run, party, repeat. I'm hoping to put you though all three mini-sequences and perhaps one final "putting it all together" run.

So bring something "special" - cheese hotdogs, trout - whatever will really get your dogs going!

Your assignment is to walk all three colors - but then run each color 

separately: starting with BLACK, then BLUE and finishing 

with GREEN

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