Sunday, October 24, 2010

Twenty-Two Seconds short of CDX....

TWENTY TWO. Seems like a random number so how about another Four-Thirty-Eight. Five minutes minus twenty-two seconds...Twenty-two seconds.

This was to be a weekend off - that was originally my intention coming off a three day agility trial in Syracuse - and not wanting to trial outdoors on the Cape at the end of October (and with 40 degree temperatures I'm glad of that decision - BRRRR). So having the weekend off and a relatively close obedience trial I decided a few weeks ago to enter Teller to try for that last CDX leg. So at the crack of dawn Saturday morning we headed down to Amherst, NH - American K9 Country for the Merrimack Valley Kennel Club Trial.

We arrived and I brought Teller into the building - HOLY EXUBERANCE WOO!  He walked nicely into the building and virtually exploded into the training/trial room. Dude, it's not agility. Teller was so amp'ed to be there - expecting to go flying around an agility course. We worked a little bit - focus on me, yes we're working, etc then I put him back out in the van with Murph.

Our turn - and well his heelwork - not so good I'm afraid. We really haven't trained obedience much at all - a couple of heelwork sessions in the last week, but hadn't worked an entire run-through of the Open routine in a few weeks. Teller missed the first halt - sort of forgot what we were doing - and then tossed in a moving stand on the "slow". We lost 8.5 points on the heeling. Woo got it back together though after those bobble and worked nicely for the rest of the run - crooked sits - a weird left finish when I asked for a right - goofy Woo stuff. Honestly I was pleased - If I go back into the obedience ring in the near future I'll take some time to work finishes - clean things up a bit...So we finished the individual exercises with a qualifying score...I love the tail - nearly constantly wagging - pretty pleased with himself once he got over feeling badly about his mistake on the heeling.

On to the group exercises - three minute out of sight sit - no problem. Five minute out of sight down. Steward says to me - almost immediately after going out of sight "your dog is with the steward". Huh? What? Well, it turns out it wasn't MY golden that was with the steward, MY golden is laying where I left him. WHEW! I'm told that Teller watched the pretty girl golden hanging with the steward - watched her getting fussed over and then resumed napping. At the four minute thirty-eight second mark Teller sat up. I don't know why, he just sat up. He didn't go anywhere, didn't look upset - just sat up. Twenty-two seconds away from his CDX and he sits up.

**If video doesn't play, double click on unavailable message to view directly on YouTube.**

I was initially disappointed - I think it was a silly way to lose a Q. But the more I thought about it - the more I had to give credit where credit was due - and fault where fault belonged...We haven't worked stays in a line of dogs in a while - he's always been "Mr. Dependable" in groups - but it's my omission. I've got to find some other obedience people in the area to work stays with - my problem is that the majority of obedience people in the area are pretty draconian in their training styles - in my opinion bordering on abuse - and I just don't have the stomach to be around that kind of vibe and that kind of training. It's not how I work my dogs and it stresses me out....Being stressed out about how other people are training shorts my own dog - it's not fair to him.

He does out of sight stays at home (which we all know doesn't really count) every day while I make dinner. Perhaps I need to start pulling him into my classes from time to time and working out of sights while folks are walking the sequence - or as everyone is coming into the building for class - with a little bit of planning it'd be relatively easy to do that - even if he wasn't in a line of other dogs. For the near future we're back to playing agility!

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