Sunday, October 17, 2010

Syracuse Part One: The Trial

Teller, Murphy and I headed out to Syracuse Obedience Training Club's (SOTC) fall agility trial at the enormous CNY Family Sports Centre (yes, thats the way they spell it). This was my first trip out to SOTC's trial - I've been out to the Salt City Cluster (Onondaga Kennel Club) a few times - but the three day indoor trial was too tempting to pass up.

The footing was great, the courses were consistently good all weekend and both judges were first rate to all of the exhibitors and workers - three big pluses in my book for sure. Here's a recap of our weekend:

A FAST Q for Teller with great contacts a buzzer in the other FAST ring threw me off a bit so we lost both time and points getting out when in reality we actually had time to work in the other obstacles that I had planned for...ah well!
Standard - Again, Teller came out and rocked his contacts, handled beautifully - down the last line to a tunnel when at jump #19 his bone-head handler called his name on a rear cross to pre-cue the off-side tunnel entry and I botch it....At JUMP NINETEEN! Not that Teller really cares - but he was deserving of that Standard Q and the mistake was 110% my fault.
JWW - Jumper-Woo was back this weekend - Friday was no exception. Woo put down an 8 point JWW run and was just out of the placements in a BIG 24" class. I made a couple of interesting handling choices that really worked for us, serping (serpentining) lines instead of adding multiple crosses. It gave Teller much better angles on the lines and saved him yardage.

Another FAST Q for Teller. Super contacts and 76 total points (80 available points in FAST) we were one second over time and just didn't get those last 3 one-point obstacles :-) No Complaints - particularly since we added an un-numbered dogwalk to our run for some contact practice.
Standard - This one was ALL TELLER, coming off the dogwalk there was a really tempting off-course straight ahead of him, I had hoped for a front cross to the #11-12-13 pin-wheel but ended up with a rear-cross. Teller went ahead in the pinwheel and didn't turn when I called him (W). Once he's made a mistake he knows it and he goes into over-achiever mode - which can be tricky to handle sometimes.
JWW - Fun course by Craig Josling and another Q for Teller. The last line was eating the big dogs alive, there was a very tempting off-course jump just before the double (#19) - I decided to take the inside line against the wall to keep him off that wrong course - as a result I got stuck behind the double a bit - which was not my intention. Teller has a good GO button so it worked out for us - good Woo. 7 more points.

No FAST this morning - started with Standard. Teller was clean through #14 and came out of the weaves at pole 10 - I brought him back and he got them, then had another wrong course out of the chute.
JWW - Weaves were a little slow - if Teller makes a mistake in the weaves in the morning he'll typically come out in the second run and weave CAREFULLY - very methodically - he came out and really thought his poles this afternoon - but the rest of the run was brilliant - one of those runs where I got where I wanted to be for every single cross. The weaves cost us time and we finished with another 7 point JWW run.

Giggle #1 of the weekend: Part of my "scenic" tour put me through about 90 minutes of middle of no-where. After a coffee and a couple of diet cokes on the road, by the time I finally screeched into Fultonville (NY) I needed a rest stop. I went running into McDonalds and there was a male employee cleaning one of the bathrooms - the door was open and he was mopping. My road-weary brain presumed that he was cleaning the men's room - I didn't even look at the sign on the other door. There I am flying into the men's room when I realize....that it's the mens' room! GAH! Shrieking and running, running and shrieking...The only person more surprised than me was the middle-aged trucker already occupying said mens' room....

Giggle #2 of the weekend: Teller and I bunked with a friend and her border collie - everyone was formally introduced on Thursday night, they all settled in together easily (my two integrate with just about everyone anyway) and all three even enjoyed some chewies before bedtime. Lights out and everyone settles in for the night. At about 1am we're both awakened by the sound of thundering "hooves" running back and forth between the door and the bathroom, around the beds, in between the beds and back to the door again. Teller and his lovely new girlfriend were romping back and forth having a GRAND OLD TIME!!! I sat up at one point and tried to quietly tell them to knock it off - they did - until I laid down again and then they were back at it. Murphy was up on my bed, trying VERY hard to stay out of the ruckus. Let's just say that none of us got much sleep that night. On the other hand we both had great runs on Friday with our TIRED dogs!


Unknown said...

Hey getting to read the blog of your weekend in Syracuse was almost as good as actually being there. Thanks for posting the video of your runs, it was really cool to watch. I loved the recording angle of your JWW run from Sunday. I felt like I was watching it on ESPN. ;)

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