Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Preparing to Trial - Part Four (Quiz Answers)

OK kids, pencils DOWN!! A couple of days ago I published a quiz in the "preparing to trial" series. Here are the answers! Give yourselves 5 points for every correct answer - In the event that you needed an incentive there's a prize for each qualifying score! Comment below with your score!

1) What are the three five point deductions in AKC agility?
      a) Refusal, Wrong Course and Table

2) How many points do you need to qualify on a novice run? What is a perfect score?
      a) 85 to qualify; 100 is a perfect score.

3) If standard course time (SCT) on a Novice Standard course is 72 seconds and you finish with a time of 75.99 how many points have you lost for time?
     a) 3 points. In novice OT is one point per full second. 

4) Your dog measures 15.75 inches at the shoulder. What height will he jump in regular classes? In preferred?
     a)  16" regular classes; 12" preferred

5) How many novice standard legs do you need to earn your NAJ title?
     a)  Trick question - You need three Novice Standard legs for an NA; Three Novice JWW legs for NAJ. 
Teller's GRCA Specialty Loot - 2008

6) In novice standard how many refusals can you have on a qualifying run?
     a) You may have two refusals in Novice Standard.  

7) If your dog jumps 24" (regular classes), what height should the tire be set?
     a) 20" - Tires are set one jump height lower than regular jump height.   

8) My dog runs in the 12" jump height. What height table should I be training for competition?
     a) Your dog will see an 8" table. Dogs will never see a table higher than their jump height. 

9) How many wrong courses can you have (and still qualify) in Novice JWW? Open JWW? Excellent JWW?
     a) You cannot have a wrong course (and still qualify) in any level of JWW.  

10) My dog knocked a bar. Did I qualify?
     a) Nope, sorry. 

11) How many table faults am I allowed on a qualifying Novice run?
     a) You can have two table faults and still qualify in Novice.  
Murphy's NADAC loot - 2006

12) My dog jumps 16". What is the correct width for his broad jump?
     a) 32" - Broad jumps are set at 2x jump height.  **Corrected - Thanks Abby!

13) Math....My novice standard course is 154 yards. I have a 24" dog (named Fluffy). What is my SCT?
      a) 75 seconds - SCT for a novice 24" dog is 2.2 YPS (yards per second), plus 5 seconds for the pause table.

14) Two part question: The judge just raised both of his hands - open palms. I'm pretty sure he's not "raising the roof".  i) What does that mean? ii) Why might he have done that - at least five possibilities please.
      a) Two hands is a Fault (failure). Failures include: knocked a bar, failure to complete course, missed contact, fouling the ring, biting the judge, biting the handler, touching the dog, your dog leaving the ring without his leash attached to him, swearing, training in the ring, running with tags on your dog's collar... 

15) I've never titled a dog in AKC agility. I'm filling out my entry for regular classes. What should I enter Novice A or Novice B?
       a) You can enter Novice A. Enjoy it - you only get to play in Novice A once :-) 

16) How old does my dog have to be before she's eligible for a permanent height card?
Teller CD and RN - 2008
       a) Two years old. However, any dog that measures over 22" on or after their 15 month birthday can request a permanent height card by waiving their right to a challenge measurement. (Fluffy is unlikely to shrink).  

17) What percentage of jumps must be winged?
      a) At least 50% of jumps must be winged.  

18) In novice, how many jumps can be single bars?
      a) Pre-September 2010 the answer was none - all jumps in novice must be double bars.  Post-September 2010 there can be single bar jumps - typically in Novice this is one single bar.

19) I just finished my first ever novice standard run - my time was 72.02 seconds (SCT was 75), I had one refusal, one table fault and one wrong course. Did I qualify? What's my score?
      a) Yes! You qualified with a score of 85.  

20) I just finished an open standard course. My time was 65.98 seconds (SCT was 66), I had one refusal, one table fault and one wrong course. Did I qualify? What's my score?
       a) No. In open you can have two five point deductions (R/T, R/W or W/T) - but you cannot have all three. Your score was technically an 85 - but it was not a qualifying run. 

Bonus Question: When does the January 2011 ACNH trial open?
       a) November 9th, 2010

Hope you had fun with this quiz!!! Post your score in the comments section below!


Anonymous said...

I think the answer to #12 should be 32", not 36? (did count 32 as correct)
Score (only had 4 of 5 #14 so didn't count)=90
Couldn't find 17 18 in regs. Where?


. said...

Yes Abby - 16x2=32! Silly Math - you don't want me as your ring crew!

17 was a little sneaky:
Required Obstacles: In addition to the Regulations regarding required, allowed, and not-permitted obstacles (Chapter 6 and Chapter 7, Regulations for Agility Trials), these are additional suggestions pertaining to Required Obstacles.
• Given enough course area, it is highly recommended that most jumps that are used be winged jumps rather than non-winged jumps. Each type of jump requires a different skill in its performance. Non-winged jumps work best where space is limited or there are many obstacles in close proximity to one another, however, you must keep in mind that there must be a minimum of 50% winged jumps used on any given course. This count is to include actual jumps, not how many times they are used.

AB said...

# 17 - actually did find Chapter $, Sec. 4 = 50%
# 18 extrapalated - couldn't find specific reference?
Couldn't find why no on # 20 - Chap 6 says no more than 1 of each

Just curious