Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Preparing to Trial - Part Four (A QUIZ!!)

The 2010 Rulebook
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My classes have this week off - they have all been working VERY hard lately and they have lots of homework to work on during their time-off, but I think it's time for a pop-quiz! All of these questions are open book - and all of the answers are in the AKC Regulations for Agility Trials Pamphlet. Answers will be provided in a future post. And for my students (from any of my classes/drop-ins) there's a prize involved for a passing score. How many points do you need to pass? It just so happens that a passing score is the same  answer as number two.

1) What are the three five point deductions in AKC agility?

2) How many points do you need to qualify on a novice run? What how many points is a perfect score?

3) If standard course time (SCT) on a Novice Standard course is 72 seconds and you finish with a time of 75.99 how many points have you lost for time?

4) Your dog measures 15.75 inches at the shoulder. What height will he jump in regular classes? In preferred?

5) How many novice standard legs do you need to earn your NAJ title?

Murphy running in Novice!

6) In novice standard how many refusals can you have on a qualifying run?

7) If your dog jumps 24" (regular classes), what height should the tire be set?

8) My dog runs in the 12" jump height. What height table should I be training for competition?

9) How many wrong courses can you have (and still qualify) in Novice JWW? Open JWW? Excellent JWW?

Murphy - August 2006
10) My dog knocked a bar. Did I qualify?

11) How many table faults am I allowed on a qualifying Novice run?

12) My dog jumps 16". What is the correct width for his broad jump?

13) Math....My novice standard course is 154 yards. I have a 24" dog (named Fluffy). What is my SCT?

14) Two part question: The judge just raised both of his hands - open palms. I'm pretty sure he's not "raising the roof".  i) What does that mean? ii) Why might he have done that - at least five possibilities please.

15) I've never titled a dog in AKC agility. I'm filling out my entry for regular classes. What should I enter Novice A or Novice B?

16) How old does my dog have to be before she's eligible for a permanent height card?

17) What percentage of jumps must be winged?

18) In novice, how many jumps can be single bars?

19) I just finished my first ever novice standard run - my time was 72.02 seconds (SCT was 75), I had one refusal, one table fault and one wrong course. Did I qualify? What's my score?

20) I just finished an open standard course. My time was 65.98 seconds (SCT was 66), I had one refusal, one table fault and one wrong course. Did I qualify? What's my score?

Bonus Question: When does the January 8-9, 2011 ACNH (Agility Club of New Hampshire) trial open?

Too much fun! I've got a bunch more questions that will have to wait for another quiz.

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