Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Kodak Z981

I bought (and returned) a Sony Cybershot last week because I was utterly unimpressed with the lens and image quality. I decided to try another 14MP camera from costco - this time the Kodak z981. The z981 has a Schneider-Kreuznach lens (like my z760) - I'm hoping for better image quality and decent action shots.
Here's what I was able to get this afternoon before heading out:

Teller with the bumper
Kodak z981

Teller portrait shot.
Kodak z981

Another bumper shot.
Kodak z981

Teller and the ball...
Kodak z981

Murphy on the chase (don't worry, the squirrel won).
Kodak z981

Murphy portrait shot
Kodak z981

Murphy head shot. Yes, his eyelashes are really that blonde, and yes he does look a bit like a golden retriever muppet.
Kodak z981
The jury is still out. I've got some time to continue playing with it.

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