Monday, October 11, 2010

Fourth book in the Stieg Larsson Series - CONFIRMED!!!

The rumors have been out there for a while, I'd heard the rumor about a 4th book in the Stieg Larsson trilogy before I even started listening to "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" - but, now it's confirmed - a 4th manuscript exists and it was nearly complete at the time of Stieg Larsson's death. All of this confirmed in the New York Times and summarized this morning on the Today Show 'Scoop':
and here's the link to the New York Times article:

Of course there's a bit of a custody war over who "owns" the manuscript - All of the proceeds from the Millennium/The Girl series have gone to Larsson's family - not to Larsson's common-law wife. The laptop containing the manuscript (let's hope it's backed up somewhere else too!!) is property of his widow - so even if the novel is finished enough to publish - and if the plotline makes sense as an unintended 4th book (not the 5th book as written) there are some significant legal hurdles to surpass if the book ever gets off the ground. For now I'll cross my fingers - but in the meantime I've got to choose my next audiobook!

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