Thursday, October 14, 2010

Did you know? Stinky Flexi (and Flexi's Replacement Policy)

If you talk to a bunch of dog people, ask them about flexi-leads you'll find two very opinionated camps - the folks that hate them (they teach dogs to pull, they're dangerous because people can't control their dogs, I hate it when my neighbor's dog walks up to my door and pees on my steps because he has a 26' long flexi, etc) - all valid reasons actually. And then there's the camp that LOVE their Flexis (I can play ball with my dog anywhere without having to deal with 20' of check cord, I can work on leash obedience from 20' away, etc) - again, all valid reasons.

I have two Flexi (the brand name) leashes - that I have come to rely on heavily when traveling - both for on-leash walks when I can't find safe places to let the boys off-leash - but also for more efficient pottying on hotel grounds - when the boys really do seem to want to go two different directions. I have two of the 26' large dog versions, they're the webbed tape and wind up almost completely (super handy to lock them in the started position and just clip them on the side of the crates)...

I ran into a problem with my two flexi's though - I clipped them too close to the water bowls in the back of the van and not only did they get splashed on (whoops) they were probably partially filled with water. Then it got hot and humid and well, my poor flexi leashes started to smell - REALLY REALLY bad. Before I tried any particular cleanser (in the event that I'd choose the wrong one) I sent an email to the Flexi folks asking what product they'd recommend for the purpose. I've attached my response from customer service below.

Not only did I receive a prompt and intelligent response from the Flexi folks - the replacement cost in the event that I wasn't able to de-stink mine was about 40% off the retail price for the long (big dog) leash and that price included shipping. There are so many examples out there of really bad customer service - don't even get me started on my recent "Oil and Go" oil change that was supposed to be $25 that ended up costing me $70 (beware the crooks at Oil and Go!!!) So I thought I'd take a moment to highlight an example of really good customer service.

In case anyone out there is also suffering from "stinky flexi" syndrome, I followed the advice of the Flexi folks and gently washed the tape with a bit of liquid hand soap and rinsed thoroughly. I also applied a generous amount of hand sanitizer (what I had on-hand at a hotel) and let the leashes dry overnight. This method completely fixed my problem...

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