Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sequences in Small Places

I didn't have a lot of time tonight - no time to pack up stuff to go to the school to train, Teller needed (wanted) to work tonight so I decided to set something up in the front yard. My backyard is larger - but between being a dog zone (landmines) and the pool there's not a lot of usable space back there. so off to the front yard we went. As you can see the mature trees in the front yard (while lovely) do require some thought to work around them...I didn't plan any of these sequences - I just doodled around with some handling skills and pushing a bit in terms of speed and getting to where I needed to be. Teller worked like a champ (as usual really). Good Woo.

Sequence #1: Front-cross after the teeter; I handled the weave entry from 
behind #5

Sequence #2: The same weave entry as above.

Sequence #3: Front-crosses before #3, #4, #6 and #7.

Sequence #4: The teeter has rotated 180 degrees for the last two sequences.
Front-crosses before #3 and #6.

Sequence #5: Wrap/Front-Cross #4


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