Sunday, September 19, 2010

September Sun and Fun

Gorgeous late summer day today - the nights are getting increasingly chilly - but the sunny days - ahhh....perfect weather. The boys and I went out to teach a sequencing class, then hit the pool for an afternoon swim before their baths.

Teller (front) and Murphy brave the 60 degree pool water.

Murph loves his RuffDawg Flying fish.

Teller's Chuck-It Duck.

Teller's not so graceful water entry.

Teller (L) and Murphy (R)
Teller (one foot in the toy box) drains the pool one retrieve at a time.

Teller rocking out the spikey haired look. Quick, someone get Fabio some gel!

Nice head shot, too bad about the spikey head Woo.

Murphy's post swim ZOOMIES!!!!

This old man can still MOVE!!! If I thought he was capable of gaiting (on leash) in a straight line I might consider throwing him in veterans next year...But when I put a leash on him and he's suddenly moving on at least three tracks moving perpendicular to me. Fair enough Murph, enjoy retirement.

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