Sunday, September 26, 2010

Now some shots with the OLD camera.

For some comparison pictures - here are some shots with the five year old Kodak Z760 - 6.1MP. Since the day I got it, this Kodak has been old reliable. After playing with the Sony Cybershot DSC-W370, I'm having some serious doubts about whether or not I really want to replace it.

Teller waiting (somewhat patiently) while I setup for class this afternoon. I love the 
fall colors and light...When the sky almost has a translucent quality.
Kodak Z760

Teller is always game to model. Put your ears up. OK!
Kodak Z760

Autumn afternoon light. Love it!
Kodak Z760
One more head/foliage shot of Teller-Woo.
Kodak Z760

Murphy over the wing jump. For this series the light had changed some. While 
Teller's table shots were taken at noon, it's now a little after 3pm and the brightness
of afternoon is gone.
Kodak Z760

Murphy on the table - being marginally obedient at the moment.
Kodak Z760

And the last shot for the day....Teller over the wing. Milliseconds after this shot 
Teller knocked me for a loop. Best not to try to take pictures in the landing zone.
I do think that the lens quality/shutter speed is better here vs. the Sony Cybershot. I can see 
Teller's feet - no blur even under similar motion.
Kodak Z760 

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