Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Advanced Agility - Thursday September 30th, 2010

For your enjoyment (giggle) here's the course for tomorrow night's Advanced Agility class...Emphasis on handling this week. First time through work your rear-crosses  at #5, #8, #10 and #14. On the second time through front crosses before #4, #8, #9, and #13. If we have time for a third round (and I hope we do) we'll run a "handlers' choice" of front and rear crosses.

Also, unless it's raining or slippery (which honestly looks pretty darn likely at this point with 2-4" of rain forecast for tomorrow), plan to take some time between your runs to work a-frame contacts outside - So bring something extra yummy for treats...Teller recommends Tuna Brownies.

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