Sunday, August 15, 2010

Packing and organizing...

So the van has been christened "Vanessa" (get it? VAN-Essa) and we've been on our first (relatively short) road trip to trial. I have to say that the concept of a van is growing on me. With absolutely NO thought or planning I loaded all of my usual trial gear with tons of room still left over. I'm still hauling two 36" Noz Crates for setup inside the trial building, a rubbermaid tub of misc road gear (tarps, shade cloths, bungees, alligator clips, cool coats, extra leashes, fans, etc), an overnight bag for myself, one for the dogs, a cooler and a laptop.

All of this gear takes up less than half of the backseat - I could actually bring along some passengers (and a third or fourth dog)!

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