Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Pool Toys: Duck and Gator from "Chuck-It"

Our friends at Chuck-It sent us a couple of samples last week from their upcoming line of new toys. I'm behind in my posting so it's taken a bit for me to process the pictures and post my (our) review of the new toys. First of all here's what showed up on our doorstep: One large chuck-it stick (with large tennis ball), one large rubber Chuck-It ball, one large Chuck-It Duck and one large Chuck-It Gator (though I'm not sure if Chuck-It Duck and Chuck-It Alligator come in smaller sizes). Up until this point we've always used the shorter arm and smaller chuck-it balls. Teller likes the "whistler balls" for his runs at the school.

Part dog-toy, part weeble, Chuck-It Duck and Chuck-It Gator wobble but do not fall down! I have to admit that from a cuteness factor I actually considered not letting the dogs play with "duck". I love the little rubber orange feet!

The duck even looks cute in the chuck-it arm!

Here's Gator!

Chuck-It Gator looks terrifying in the water.....You can run, but you cannot hide. The Gator is like Chuck Norris. Don't mess with the Gator. Chuck-It knows when you're sleeping, Chuck-It Gator knows if you've been bad or good. Chuck-It Gator is always watching.

Chuck-It Duckie bobs on the surface with his tail in the air.

The heatwave had finally broke so I packed gator, duck and the new chuck-it arm and headed off to the school to play with the dogs. I haven't used the large chuck-its before so I'm not sure if it was the size of the arm, the heft of the larger object or the aerodynamic properties of Duck and Gator, but I wasn't able to get a lot of distance on the throws. When we're in an open place with the medium chuck-it arm and whistler "tennis" balls I can get about 250' on each throw. I don't think I was able to heave the Duck or Gator further than 50' or so even with the longer arm. I ended up going back to the van and grabbing our usual chuck-it and whistler balls.

The real fun though happened when we got back home and the boys hit the pool. As you can see (above) both Gator and Duck float above the water. Many of my complaints about some of the other "water toys" including regular tennis balls is that they're really hard for dogs to see in the water. Yes, they float - but they're right on or just below the surface of the water.

One of my dogs' favorite pool toys is the "flying fish" from Ruff Dawg. Yes it floats, yes it's fun to throw, but when you have a dog that marks the landing of the fish, swims out there, gets within 5' of it and still can't see it, my concern is the dog that won't ever find it and also won't stop looking for it. This is not the case with Duck and Gator. Gator bobs on the surface, it's "chin" hitting the water - high visibility orange against the surface of the water is easy to see even at a long distance. When I threw Duck I was happy to see a similar effect. Chuck-It Duck's fanny waved back and forth in the water current - both keeping the dog's interest and helping them find the object at a distance.


Jenory said...

These are very cute pool toys and I like the first sight of them because they are very cute but when I scrolled down, I noticed that this pool game is intended for dogs? Or maybe dogs and kids? I am not sure about that :D. Anyway, if you are to buy toys for your kids, try inflatable pool toys - light weight and cheap!

. said...

@Jenory: Yes! These are dog toys! Though I'd imagine kids might have fun playing with them too - they make a big splash and then bob back and forth...probably not as fun as an inflatable pool toy for the average 8 year old boy though!

Anonymous said...

Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!