Sunday, August 01, 2010

Murphy the gimp...

So I had a little scare with Murphy this weekend...I came home Thursday afternoon - in time to quickly swim the dogs, pack the VAN (still getting used to that) for the trial weekend, run out to Shelburne to setup their crates, then back to Williston to teach my Thursday night classes. When I got home though I found a very limpy gimpy Murphy - right front leg. No heat, no swelling - some weight bearing, but moments of walking on eggshells. Of course I went into complete worry mode (because that's what I do). Left him home Thursday night (he doesn't like that), rested him, gave him a bit of anti-inflammatory and some Arnica and hoped for the best. He was better Friday morning (but still got left home) and by the time I got home from the trial and over to the vet's office (picking him up along the way) he had already improved to 90% or so. I wouldn't normally take a dog in for minor lameness within 24 hours, but I didn't want to go the whole weekend if there really was a problem (like Lyme - or WORSE). So the end result is that the 4-way snap test (Lyme/HW/Erlichia and Anaplasma) was all negative.

It doesn't help that Murphy does not walk in a straight line - or normally. Murph bounces while he's on leash - usually flicking his front feet all over the place and moving on four different tracks. Sure, he can heel when asked (but not particularly straight)  but his normal mode of locomotion while on leash is up and down and side to side - which makes soundness exams a little tough on the vet!

Anyhow, by Saturday morning he was close to 95% so he got to come to the trial - work the crowds, get some serious public attention, trick food-stuffs from small children and get free hot dogs just for being Murphy.

He's continued to improve and got to have a swim tonight (whew - that's a relief).

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