Monday, August 09, 2010

ACNH - August 7-8, 2010

Murphy, Teller and I trekked down to the ACNH trial this weekend - two gawd awful early mornings! I love the ACNH trials: fun peeps, super light vibe around the entire trial, lots of laughter, cheering and the air conditioning :-) Ahhhhh, It was great to be COLD this weekend - Teller and I both appreciate playing agility while we're COLD!

Two more JWW legs for Teller (and I think about 12 points). We're in fall-out mode right now after the rubber teeter at the GMGRC trial - we've got some fixing to do - overall I have a plan. Not sure yet what that means for the rest of our season though - it does mean that someone (me) is investing in a rubber teeter skin for my teeter.Teller can be surface sensitive - he's odd about his feet (all around - he hates having his nails trimmed every week). In agility, he runs slower on footing he doesn't trust and he moves out on footing he's happy on (he particularly likes the footing at American K9 Country). Teller knows his job, he likes his job but he doesn't like it when the rules change. He wasn't thrilled about ping-ponging between 20" and 24" weaves and he doesn't like going back and forth between rubber and sand teeters. So my job is to make both surfaces part of his resume experience :-)

I love the moment at the end (Sunday JWW run) when the leash runner is depositing Teller's leash in the basket as he's coming over the last jump - she's not quite sure if Teller is going to stop before he crashes into her - don't worry - he does stop :-)

On another note - it was fun to watch a one of our agility friends (and our esteemed videographer) finish her first MACH yesterday - A HUGE congratulations to Bee and MACH Dolly!!! All told I think there were five MACH's this weekend - GIANT pink MACH ribbons!!! Well done gang - well done indeed!

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