Wednesday, July 07, 2010


I confess. I'm a weather wimp. I know - shocking. I'm equally displeased with heat as I am with cold - I have a very narrow comfort-zone. If I could find a place that was always 50-70 degrees year round (with no poisonous snakes please) I'd move there, live there and would promise never to complain about the weather.

Since Saturday temperatures here in Vermont, New Hampshire and the rest of the Eastern Seaboard have been in the 90s. It was slightly humid over the weekend but has since sweltered into gross, stagnant, icky, sticky oppressive heat and humidity. I've canceled classes so far this week - and will probably cancel tomorrow night's classes as well. it's just that hot. Even my dogs who enjoy their daily swims have not had much (any) opportunity to go outside and swim. In addition to the lousy air quality (fine particulates) - the humid air is just too oppressive (heat indexes of 105-110 degrees) and with the pool water in the mid to upper 80's it's not at all refreshing for them (or any warm blooded mammel) - which reminds me, 80 degree water eats chlorine like jelly beans at Easter - I'd better go dump in another bag of pool shock.

So no training, no swimming, no runs at the school or romps in the field - going on day four of laying low (and in the AC) just trying to stay comfortable and healthy...It looks like this weather should break on Friday - at least at that point we'll have some storms which will hopefully make everyone feel better...but for now we're lying low and staying inside where it's cool(er).

Oh and car shopping...but that's a tale (tail) for another post I think.

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