Monday, July 05, 2010

Agility Club of New Hampshire

Teller and I (Murphy too) went down to ACNH's very first agility trial this Independence Day weekend - what a fun show. The cheering and clapping (and yes, some heckling) was amazing - in stark contrast to the somewhat subdued environment of the last few trial weekends - this trial rocked and was raucous fun! It helped that the courses were consistently good all weekend - making even the long days fly by. With temperatures in the 90s and high humidity I was incredibly grateful to be INSIDE this weekend - in air conditioning- and it was fantastic air conditioning! Oh! And check out these MACH and PAX ribbons - they're GORGEOUS!!!

A few general observations: Teller likes air conditioning - to be more specific he likes to run when it's cool. I'm going to have to pay attention to that. I already know that I prefer to play when it's cooler - but he runs so hot it makes sense that he's more into the game when it's cooler. He also really likes the footing at AK9C -  his runs were more forward than I think we've had in a few weeks. Footing or temperature? Probably both. On my drive down Saturday AM I decided (Hey, I had a bunch of time to THINK while commuting at 5am) to really push myself out of my comfort zone this weekend - to really see what we had and to push for points. To that end I put in front-crosses in places I've never been brave enough to put in front crosses - and I got where I needed to be and it worked out - amazing how that happens sometimes! Dogwalk contacts were fine this weekend - A-Frame contacts were not there this weekend. We lost another Standard leg because of a missed a-frame contact (otherwise clean). I thought baby-sitting them was going to help - it didn't help this weekend with Super-Woo in quiver on the start-line mode.

As far as Q's - there weren't many this weekend. NQ in Saturday STD with an off-course and an A-Frame contact, NQ in JWW with a wrong course that was 100% my fault. Sunday we had a nice FAST run with a 1st and Q, a A-Frame fault in STD on a really fun course and an NQ in JWW with a wrong course on the last two jumps. Nothing ventured, nothing gained ;-) And it's back to working a-frames!

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