Sunday, June 27, 2010

Patience is a virtue...

Patience may be a virtue - but it's not one that the yellow dogs possess....Particularly when they've been stuck in an expen all morning while I setup for and taught classes today. They didn't get to work today so they were eager to play when we got home this afternoon.

Murphy seems to have fully rebounded from his oral surgery earlier this week (papilloma removal) and while he desperately needs a grooming (he's blowing ALL of his coat right now) and a trim he's definitely ready for his afternoon swim.

Teller (who requires virtually no grooming - but is also in need of an ear/paw trim) is showing a bit of restraint this afternoon. Usually he vaults himself over the side of the pool rather than just standing at the railing - yep - he regularly jumps over the 4' pool wall  into the pool. Seems like going through the gate would be easier. Someone neglected to tell Woo that he is not an eventing horse - agility dogs don't  need to "do" water hazards.

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