Monday, June 07, 2010

NSDTRCA (Toller) AKC Agility Trial

What a weekend! Great times: good friends, nice courses, fun runs and a new title for Teller-Woo!

At the top of the list this weekend were Teller's a-frames. I babysat all three of them - but he got all of them - and solidly nailed them. I'm working on fixing his striding over the apex (getting rid of the extra stride before the apex) but while we're working on that I NEED to get some standard Q's!! So my plan this weekend was to really baby-sit the contacts - MAKE them happen. I did and it paid off on the a-frame. Whew! Still a work in progress - but we've got a plan.

Saturday morning we had a bit of a bobble on our JWW run - and it wasn't entirely pretty - but we pulled off a Q for Teller's 10th excellent B JWW leg - his MXJ! We added a few more points on Sunday and Monday with two more JWW legs. We weren't as connected in our standard runs - I think we saw some fallout from rubber at LEAP last weekend and now back to sand. The plan is to get out there and see some rubber surfaces that we can work on. I don't think we'll see rubber again in competition until August so we've got some time to work out the kinks. We had a lovely standard run this afternoon that I botched with a rear-cross at the double. Silly. Teller lived up to his end of the bargain and earned himself a cheeseburger from McDonalds on the way home :-) Some people have "munchkins" we have cheeseburgers.

I'm SO pleased with the connection we had for our runs this weekend - We're really coming together (thanks Katie) and the runs are showing that. Onward!

Our runs from the weekend:

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