Sunday, May 23, 2010

The rules of the pool....

Back when I was a little kid - before I got hooked on horses, I used to ride my bike over to the community pool every day in the summer to meet up with my friends and play in the water. There are two things I remember vividly: The first is the FREEZING cold water for the 8am session of swimming lessons - the first session started the Monday after school got out - approximately June 15th. {{BRRRR}}. The second is the hourly ritual of public swim. Kids and Adults were allowed to swim from the top of the hour for 40 minutes. The last 20 minutes were "adult swim" and all the kids had to get out of the pool. I'd imagine there were several purposes to this - get kids out of the pool to use the restrooms, prevent children from really over-doing it and tiring out/drowning and it gave the adults time to use the pool without children screaming and splashing around them.

There's a similar policy in the dog pool - after about 45 minutes of swimming the boys have to take a break. It's not a long break - but for 5-10 minutes get out of the pool and take a rest (particularly necessary for Murphy who can get a little overstimulated when he's fatigued).

Is it over yet? Can I go back in?

Murphy is equally patient.

How about now? Please?

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