Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Product Review: Sirius of Vermont's Ain't No Flies on Me

Well it's that time of year again; on most nights after work, training, teaching and/or hitting the soccer fields for some playtime we're out relaxing by the pool at dusk. The dogs are busy swimming around retrieving their bumpers and I'm either floating around the pool or sitting on the deck throwing the bumpers - one after another. It's that moment (moments) of the day when  my time is my own and I can process my day while somewhat mindlessly (sorry boys) tossing the bumpers over and over again.

The birds are still fluttering around in gathering mode and then suddenly I'm pulled from my reverie by miserable blood-sucking, head-swarming, buzzing, bitey mosquitoes, noseeums and black flies. Uggg!  As this was our first week in the pool this season I have to admit that I wasn't really prepared for the onslaught of the buggers tonight.  I don't like using the heavy duty commercial products like "Off"  - and while I vividly remember my grandfather carrying around a stick of "Cutter" - which smelled awful, but worked better than any commercial product I've found to date. I'm pretty sure that Cutter of the late 1970s and early 1980s was probably made of pure DEET!

I've never been comfortable with commercial mosquito products. Yes, they're effective but I worry about the safety of them. I wash them off as soon as I can - usually to find that I still got bitten in any spots I inadvertently missed with the chemical fogging. It's this constant battle to keep the bugs at bay - more than the annoyance factor there's encephalitis, west nile - not to mention all the nasty things that come along with ticks and chiggers. I'm basically terrified of ticks by the way - just the thought of them makes me shudder!

Last summer I discovered Sirius of Vermont's bug spray - it's pleasant smelling, without all of the chemicals and by golly it really works! Last year I had two bottles of the stuff - one in the car for roadtrips (and I'm nearly always in the same place as my car) and one next to the toy box for the dog's swim toys. So as I'm swatting, grabbing at the air to get the ones around my head, imagine my surprise when faced with that darn swarm of mosquitoes, to lean over and find last year's familiar blue bottle still next to the toy box. Even better to discover that the product was still effective (and still smelled nice) after wintering outside over the brutal Vermont winter..

Within moments of lightly spritzing my arms, legs and my head with "No Flies" the mosquitoes were gone and my slice of peace had once again settled over  my evening. Bliss!

On the dogs it seems to be equally effective - even without uniform coverage over a large surface area. I tend to apply it very lightly down their backs one or two spritzes, another on their bibs, one on their bellies and then apply it to my hands to wipe it gently around their muzzles and ears. The dogs haven't been inclined to lick it - and it's safe and non-toxic if they were so compelled. I just reordered my summer 2010 supply.

From the Sirius Website:

Sirius Aint No Flies On Me for Dogs
Living in Vermont we need a safe and effective repellant for the many wee beasties that sting, suck, and bite.  Our product uses the finest organic catnip as the repellant-far more effective than Deet-and far, far safer.  It smells wonderful.  Good for people too.

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