Sunday, May 16, 2010

The pool is open!

A week ago the pool resembled something akin to pea soup. Our warm winter and warmer than normal early spring was particularly conducive to a lot of algae early on in the season. It always seems to take longer to get the pool started than I think it is going to and this year was no exception....but we're finally there and the boys had their first swim of the season today in the 65 degree (Brrrrrrrrrr) water.

I was really happy to see how much of Teller's winter/spring conditioning really carried over into this part of the spring. When we first open the pool in the spring the dogs typically start with relatively short 20-30 minute sessions; at the 20 minute mark they typically start showing some fatigue - swimming in my relatively small pool with a high power pump there's a bit of an endless pool effect that forces the dogs to swim against the current - it's a lot of work with the pump pushing them either sideways or providing resistance. The boys had three swim sessions today - each one of them about an hour - Murphy got out of the pool after about half an hour (he was starting to get tired but mostly he was just bored with retrieving bumpers) while Teller continued swimming smoothly and strongly until I called him out of the water - he showed absolutely no signs of fatigue even during his third swim of the day. This is typically where they are about a month into the swimming season, so I'm quite pleased. It wasn't easy getting out all winter in the dark and cold to keep both dogs so fit - but it was worth it!

Teller swimming out to a bumper.

Murphy enjoying his first pool session of the season.

Tandom swimming. Murphy (left) and Teller.

Teller takes a break from swimming to supervise Murphy retrieving a bumper.

Post swimming zoomies - Teller middle left, Murphy upper right.


Teller sporting the spikey wet-head look.

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