Sunday, May 09, 2010

2010 AKC Worldteam tryouts and other miscellaneous weekend stuff

We never made it off the wait-list for the trial this weekend. We normally go to this trail every year - usually our first outdoor trial of the season and as such there's some variability in the weather. Yesterday's weather in Central Massachusetts was 40 degrees and thunderstorms - today was snow flurries. It did not break my heart to have missed out on the weekend - even if this particular trial is always well run and the judges were good for us. Instead of trialing we watched the livestream of the AKC Worldteam try-outs brought to us from the good folks at AgilityVision - which were AMAZING to watch. If you missed the livestream the try-outs are available in both DVD and video on demand (VOD) formats. It's a good use of a cold rainy/snowy spring Saturday (or Sunday). I've got some sequences in mind to throw at Teller in the next couple of weeks and also to setup for the new "Challenging Courses" series of run-throughs that we're planning at Waggles.

I've said before (and recently too) that Greta (Garmin) has never steered me wrong....until yesterday, when Greta put me on a class IV road in Southern Vermont. Yes it was pretty - but with 180 degree turns and blind turns on a wet, muddy clay surface with 100' drops off the side (and NO guardrails) it was also pretty terrifying at times!!

The boys are bored and want to know if we're there yet....How much longer?

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