Monday, May 31, 2010

LEAP AKC Agility Trial

After more than a month off Teller and I were happy to be back out playing. This weekend we were down in Granby, Mass for the LEAP trial. There were some good moments, some bad moments and some UGLY moments! We started with standard on Saturday - no a-frame contact so a big old NQ on that one. Saturday JWW was a lovely trip around Scott Stock's course except I pushed Teller out around the jump after the weaves (R and an NQ). Sunday was better - Teller got all of his contacts (yay) but we had an R when he saw the weaves instead of the rest of the pinwheel. Sunday afternoon we had a good (clean) JWW run for MXJ leg #9 and a few more points. My runs on Monday weren't so good. We got there early to find shade - if you get there after 7:30 you won't have shade past 10am - so I got there earlier than I had to in an attempt to keep the dogs comfy in the car while we waited around. The net result is that our Standard run was at 12:30 in full sun and humidity and our jumpers run was about 1pm. I didn't have a forward dog and neither of us ran very well. Ugg.

I was relieved to run early (ish) on Sunday and not so pleased to run in full sun on Saturday and Monday. I confirmed my decision to stay indoors through the rest of the summer - I'm a weather-wimp - and Teller runs hot anyway, when the ambient temperature is above 85 we just aren't going to do well. Maybe we'll think about going back outside in September or October, but for now we're going for some shade :-)

Runs from the weekend:

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