Monday, May 24, 2010

Four Jumps - Backyard sequences Part Seven

My goal with the four-jump series of sequences is to give you some ideas on what you can work on in your own (perhaps smaller) spaces with a limited amount of equipment. This week we're back to a pure set of four jump sequences - it's a really quick setup.

Sequence One (left): Try running 1-6 with the dog on your right. Front-cross (and pull through) between #6 and #7 and another front-cross after #7 and thread the needle to #8.

Sequence Two (right): Start with the dog on your left, front cross at #3, call to #5. Front Cross at #6 to support the send to #7 and the wrap to #8.

Sequence Three (left):  Try a lead out past 3/5 and support the line to #2. Numbers 3-4-5 can be handled with the dog on your left. Try a front cross before #6 and handle 7-8 with the dog on your right.

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