Friday, May 21, 2010

Four Jumps - Backyard sequences Part Six

Are you ready for another set of four-jump sequences? This week we're going to work handling and weave entries, as such this series uses four jumps and a set of 12 weave poles. In the case of not enough space (or room to pack agility gear) feel free to substitute 6 weaves instead of a full set. Mix up your handling so that you're working the weaves on both sides. There's also lots of opportunity to throw in some rear crosses heading into the weaves and front crosses after the weaves.

Sequence Number One (left): Starting with a deep serpentine. Make sure you are in a position to push the dog out to the #6 jump - which is WAY out there. Then again to support the #9 jump.

Sequence Number Two (right):  On this sequence watch for the incredibly tempting off-course into the weaves after jump #2

Sequence Number Three (left): A couple of mini-threadles between #2-#3 and #9-#10. Another push out from the weaves at #5 and #12.

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