Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Four Jumps - Backyard sequences Part Five

A glorious spring evening tonight in Northern Vermont - so off to the school we went. At the very last minute I decided to pack up the jumps and head off to the school instead of heading off to do hill-work at the fairgrounds. I was surprised when I got to the school and found two little league teams on the playground and a soccer game on the field next to the road. It's a big place so there was still plenty of space for a few jumps and enough room for us to stay out of the way of the soccer and baseball kiddos. I was very amused that my dog had better attention skills than the baseball munchkins and we ended up being a much bigger distraction to THEM than they were to us! {EVIL GRIN}

I did three sets of sequences on both sides (hence the A and B images). Remember that in every set of four-jump sequence there's a mirror image to work on as well (even if I don't post it on the blog). Work both sides! Tonight though, I'll make it easy for you and provide both sides of the sequences. As you might notice, I'm still running off the inspiration of the AKC World Team tryouts from last weekend! There are a few threadles, wraps and other assorted tricky bits and bobs! As always you can click on the thumbnails for larger images of the sequences. ENJOY!

Four-Jump 4 jump agility ideas sequences

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