Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Waggles Open Gym

Tonight's classes were postponed a week and with the local trial coming up this weekend we decided to try something we've talked about for a while. Tonight was Waggles' very first "Open Gym". Contact equipment was setup, some jumps, the weaves and a couple of tunnels. I didn't set a numbered course though - people were encouraged to come out with their goals and training needs in mind and hopefully get all of those things accomplished. I sent out the layout ahead of time to give people a chance to think about what they wanted to work on and I took advantage of the layout to design my own sequences.

Here's the basic layout:
And here are the two sequences that I ran with Teller:

The plan for tonight was discrimination work with the dogwalk and tunnel - and weaves. I loved how this sequence ran - and how I ran this sequence. Teller gave me speed and super accuracy - I didn't babysit discriminations and he nailed both of them.

Here I had a pull through from 2-3 (and a discrimination). Front-cross after the dogwalk, discrimination again at #8 and at #14. Again I had "Rockstar" Teller-Woo! LOVE it!

In general I think "Open Gym" was pretty successful - I think everyone got what they came in for and handlers were challenged in coming up with their own plan. In every case people came up with lovely sequences and the dogs were all successful in their work. The best metric of success is that EVERYONE left looking forward to the trial this weekend...

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