Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Update on the LG DLE1310W dryer...

About a month ago I posted a ramble about my new LG Dryer and the bad customer service I received on said dryer. That post is here:

My LG DLE1310W dryer rant is one of my most read blog posts (imagine that - a customer service rant on a dog-blog).  With this popularity I thought I'd post an update on my dryer saga. After the initial service call that was never dispatched another call was opened with LG. The same off-shore customer service, thickly accented and difficult to understand - though he clearly sensed my frustration with the dryer and the missed appointment. The local technician was more helpful than the LG customer service. I am not sure where the original call fell through the cracks. Did LG fail to dispatch the call to the provider or did the provider lose the call somewhere down the line. If the call center is able to schedule onsite service calls a week away I'd hope that scheduling process is tied into the providers system. I was told by the servicing technician that I should have called to confirm the appointment - an interesting concept since I was never told the name of his firm - nor was I given a contact phone number - the entire call was through the LG customer service system. However, even if that information had been provided I still don't think it's the customer's responsibility to confirm a service dispatch on behalf of a larger parent company (LG). If I had called the local service firm in the first place I'd bet that my original service appointment would have been kept and I could have saved myself a huge headache. BUT, I know of no way to skip the off-shore call center to open a call directly with the local technician (certainly not anyway that will leverage the LG one year limited warranty).

In the end the moisture sensor was replaced - and for future reference the sensor is two "bars" on the inside bottom lip of the dryer barrel. Apparently these bars should be cleaned (I was instructed to scrape them with a screwdriver) relatively often - but remember, my dryer was brand new - the moisture sensors should not have accumulated anything - even if I had used a thousand dryer sheets - on the 5-10 loads of laundry that I'd attempted to dry up through that point in time.

The technician also mentioned - and I personally don't "buy" this answer - that the sensor dry setting will never completely dry clothes. That the concept of a sensor dry in the LG is based on European design. In Europe laundry is removed from the dryer and ironed and pressed - whereas American't don't iron and press therefore the dryer is designed for Europeans and produces damp clothes. In other words, lazy Americans shouldn't expect the moisture sensor feature to work - unless we planned to iron and press.

I think that's a bunch of horse-hooey myself. A product designed exclusively for the European market would not have a successful client-base in the US. I also don't think that despite the cultural differences between the United States and Europe (I'm hoping the technician knows that Europe is a continent not a country) is as simple as those guys iron all their clothes and us folk don't. However domestic those silly Europeans are I highly doubt that a statistically higher percentage of the population actually wants damp laundry to make ironing easier. Then there's the old Kenmore dryer that served us so well during it's lifetime that it went to dryer nirvana. That old and relatively inexpensive dryer also had a drying sensor - and it worked like a charm - every load of laundry until the belt broke - more on this in a moment.

As for dryer sheets, I don't know anyone who doesn't use them - I've polled hundreds of people since my initial conversation with LG service and every single person (regardless of dryer brand) reported use (and sometimes over-use) of dryer sheets.

Since the sensor was replaced my dryer now actually dries clothes - yes, even on the sensor setting - and no I'm not pressing and ironing my socks, jeans and towels - as I would expect it to. I'm happy with the dryer now - but I'm still not impressed with the poor customer service that the LG call center provided - nor am I particularly happy with the feeble reasons that both the dispatched technician and the LG call center provided to gloss over problems with a flawed product. I still use dryer sheets - and I'll continue to do so. I've since sat down with the entire dryer manual and there's absolutely no mention of dryer sheets or the supposed implications of their use in an LG dryer.

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