Thursday, April 08, 2010

Thursday Sequencing: Hitting the turf

I had originally planned to go out to waggles to work A-Frames and dogwalks this afternoon, but after a foggy rainy morning turned into a brilliant sunny dry afternoon I decided I HAD to get out and play outside. I've also been dying to see what I'd have once we got out on turf. Tella-Woo in trial and Teller in training - they're two very different dogs - which means my handling isn't what it should be in trial. He's fast and forward in trial, not as fast and not at all forward in training. I think that part of training in smaller spaces (and living in New England we have to train in smaller spaces) is that he just can't extend between obstacles like he can in trial. Our winter training has been in a 70x40 indoor space - it's hard to get obstacles in there and have room for the big dogs to move out. So with the sun shining and temperatures in the mid-fifties, I packed up four jumps and headed to the local school (where we've been going to play ball and do some hill work). I'm pleased to report that I had Turbo-Woo in training today - fast, forward and tuned in. I saw trial speed today and it was really FUN to play with!!! After I decided to go outside to play I came up with these four sequences:

After seeing so many pull-throughs at the AKC nationals I decided I needed to put some more time into building that skill. So in the first sequence (right) I started with #1 on my right, worked #2 and #3 on my right and front crossed before sending to #4. What was brilliant is that I was able to send to #4 and move off a bit towards #5 and #6. Teller respected the bar and did a genius wrap back to #5 and then another tight wrap from #6 to #7.

I started this sequence with Teller on my right, front cross to #2 and a front cross to #3. Send to #4 - front cross after #5 and another front cross before #7.

This was my favorite sequence of the evening. I lead out to #2, released, then front-crossed to #3, sent to #4 and pulled from #6 to #7.  I liked this sequence so much that I flipped it and worked the same thing in reverse! Again, Teller was forward and ON!!!

Another pull-through and a running start. Teller on my left, wrap around to #2, front cross to #3, pull to #4-#5 and pulling off #5 as soon as he was committed to blind after #6.

After those sequences I had both boys out (Murphy on a flexi) for a romp and retrieve in the sloping back field. I can't imagine how the kids play soccer out there, the ground heaves and bumps into a rolling surface - I can't imagine it's much fun to run up and down while trying to control a rolling ball. Works for us though as the undulating surface makes for a good light conditioning opportunity for the boys while we're out there playing and training other things. We're so loving springtime!

EDIT 04/12/2010: This was the beginning of a new series of sequences called "Four-Jump" - I just didn't know it at the time. You can search by blog labels for "Four-Jump" to see the other sequences in the series - ENJOY! The goal here is to give you some ideas of things to do in your own backyard (park, school, etc) with a limited amount of equipment and perhaps limited practice time. I hope this will be a popular feature and help you with some fun short sequences to play with on your own.

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