Sunday, April 11, 2010

Inspired by AKC nationals - Part 3 (Sunday Run-Throughs)

Part three of a five part series - this is based off the ISC JWW course (Friday March 26th) - this was a great livestream to watch as the two rings on the stream were the 26" and 24" dogs and the 20" dogs - lots of really super handling across all of the rings for this course.

Not surprisingly, the trouble spots (at nationals) were the off-course weaves after #2, the path from #8 to #9 (lots of #8 bars down) and then the threadle from #10 to #11.

The remainder of the original course (#17-20) was left turn to a straight line to the out gate - including a broad jump.  We didn't have enough space to add another line of jumps for this weekends run-throughs. So I added a wrap at 16 to a broken line 17-18 (with a very tempting off-course of the #5 jump).

The 2010 ISC JWW course was designed by Scott Stock. Here's a
link to the original course.

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