Monday, April 19, 2010

Four Jumps - Backyard sequences Part Three

After rain (and 40 degrees) all weekend it was fantastic to get the dogs outside again. I've been working really hard on conditioning work for Teller this winter and spring and while two or three days really doesn't make a difference an entire week of slippery mud and damp drizzle does not make it easy to get them out working. Today's forecast was not predicted to be 60+ degrees and sunny - but it was so we took advantage of the weather related gift.

These are pretty basic four-jump sequences and I'm sure that the general concepts could be found in dozens of sequence books, magazines and blogs - but they are skills we needed to work on.

This was just a warm-up sequence - in part to pattern Teller on serpentines in preparation for Sequence #3. In lieu of a front cross, try a blind cross after #4 .

Some directional work. I wanted to work some driving rear crosses. Starting relatively far back from (but straight onto) #1 with Teller on my left, send him ahead and rear cross to A. Then the same setup and a rear-cross behind B. Finally a send ahead and pull to C. The I worked the same A, B and C with Teller on my right.

THREADLE!!! Not my favorite skill. Teller is (rightfully so) very patterned to the serpentine. I'm comfortable handling serpentine sequences, I'm probably pretty fluid in my motions to get that movement. I LOVE finding courses that have big wide open serpentines...But - we need some threadle skills too. If you build this remember to work both sides. I didn't throw in the mirror image, but what you work on one side you should _______ on the ________. (GIGGLE).

So there you have it, another four-jump series. Four jumps, One layout, Ten short sequences to work on - about FIFTEEN minutes to work them (including time to play, tug, thump and reinforce). I timed my session today. I arrived at the school at 5:05, unpacked the jumps and setup on the field which took me 5 minutes. Changed my shoes and stretched, warmed up and stretched Teller - 10 minutes. Worked the sequences stopping to tug between each successful sequence - 15 minutes. Cool-out for Teller - 10 minutes. Pack everything up (done mostly during Teller's coolout) - 5 minutes and then take a 20 minute off-leash walk around the playground with both dogs. All told 45 minutes and I got everything accomplished I had intended to accomplish for the afternoon. 

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