Thursday, April 29, 2010

Four Jumps - Backyard sequences Part Four

After nearly a foot of new April snow on the ground when we woke up yesterday morning, it was a welcome surprise to leave the office tonight and walk out into sunshine and 55 degrees! Its still really windy - but I'll take the sun any time I can get it! Vermont is such a funny place to live sometimes - you learn to never, EVER take spring for granted.

Anyhow, after the storm the dogs (both of them) were ready to get out and DO something. I had initially planned to set up the sequences below but instead we got side tracked with retrieving, tugging, heelwork and playing in the sunshine!! Even Murphy was hell-bent for leather this afternoon! But, instead of saving these sequences for another day I decided to go ahead and post them anyway - so enjoy them! Here's three more "Four-Jump" sequences to try out.
This sequence is inspired by the courses from BOTC this past weekend. Try a front cross after #2, then handling 4-5-6 on your left.

Then run the sequence again - this time try sending ahead over #2 and front crossing behind #3.
Start this sequence with the dog on your right. Front-cross after #2, pull to #4 and send to #5.

Next try this sequence starting with the dog on your left - without a lead-out. Can you get around #2 to support #3?

Start this sequence with the dog on your right, front cross after #2 and again after #3 and at #5.

Next start with the dog on your left, front-cross after #2 and try sending over #3 (staying behind #4), pulling over #4 and then again a front cross after #5

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