Sunday, April 25, 2010

BOTC Agility Weekend

Home show this weekend at a gorgeous indoor soccer facility - great footing, good lighting, beautiful weather, really nice Excellent courses - but Teller and I just never really came together on course. There wasn't any one thing other that we just never connected. I felt like I was a better handler most of the weekend and when we connected I think that our runs were pretty - when we didn't...well...we didn't. His weaves were not particularly good this weekend and I don't know why - he wasn't accelerating through the weaves and he wasn't particularly committed to staying in them once he was in. He got his A-Frame both days (yay) - but not his dogwalk today - and then I don't know what he was thinking on today's table - he's never been interested in the table numbers - I wonder if he went into a bit of avoidance mode after he missed the contact...He clearly thought about picking up the number - thankfully he didn't - and was clingy on the table - something he just never does...

In today's JWW I ran into a standard - it was silly and it put us both off our game. My intention was to stay behind the #6 jump - but I went too deep into #5 and just didn't have a good sense of where I was relative to the course. Teller gave me a great effort though, jumping over the bar as I'm bringing them down - I can't be disappointed in the NQ's this weekend because the good parts WAY outweighed the bobbles and mistakes.

On a side note, we had a houseguest up for the trial this weekend and her three dogs - it's always a pleasure to see a pack of dogs just blend together. Everyone got along, all five dogs had some nice romps in the backyard, played some ball - it was just so pleasant to not have to manage anyone (including the cat) this weekend - My guys spoil me sometimes and this was clearly one of those times! Though I'm pretty sure Teller thinks that he needs a border collie now and no, he can't have one :-) Murphy fell in love with a sheltie who is WAY out of his league - but there's always a chance Murph!

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