Sunday, April 04, 2010

AEDCA Agility Trial - April 3-4, 2010

Teller, Murphy and I headed down to the AEDCA (American Eskimo Dog Club of America) AKC agility trial this weekend in Amherst, NH. It was a glorious spring weekend in New England - as I was driving down Saturday morning at dawn I was struck by the beauty of this state. The roads were more or less deserted and as we traveled south the orange sky contrasted starkly against the purple mountains. The unusually warm March and April weekends have put the trees ahead of schedule, the buds were just visible against the light from the sunrise, the forsythia bushes in southern NH were on the verge of blooming - already! Vermont can be brutal in the winter - it is so brutally cold and dark in the winter, despite living in the most populous county in the state there are times when it feels like it takes forever to get anywhere - mostly because we just can't get there from here!! But springtime in Vermont (and the rest of New England) is a magical season. Just magical. Sure there's mud - but there's the smell of boiling sap as we drive through the countryside and the revitalizing feeling when the days become longer and the snow melts away. Even 36 hours later I think the grass has greened overnight - our crocus are up and blooming as well, the daffodils not far behind.

High temperatures were in the 80's both days this weekend - brilliant sunshine and a vibrant blue sky. It was such a rapid and unexpected change that I think all of our systems were in shock - the dogs hung out in the car covered with shade cloths. They were actually quite comfortable until they went for walks and jogs throughout the weekend. These big furry dogs just can't adapt easily to such sudden changes - it takes a bit of time to properly acclimate!

Saturday Excellent Standard - Teller nailed all of his contacts - I was so pleased with both his A-Frame and his dogwalk contacts. We had an off-course tunnel after the dogwalk and a wide turn out of the chute. Since we had already had a wrong course, I pushed the weaves a bit - and it was too much!

Saturday Excellent JWW - When I picked up course maps on Saturday morning I made the comment that the JWW course was designed for Teller - and it was a great course for him. He ran well, I handled him well. It wasn't blazing fast, but it was a nice run and MXJ leg #7.

Sunday Excellent Standard - Another nice course..and overall I am pleased with the run. Teller missed his A-Frame contact today, which put me out of position for a push to the #10 jump - so the fault caused a wrong course.

Sunday Excellent JWW - Another perfect Teller course. There was one bobble after the #11 tunnel - but he read the push from #10 to #11 beautifully and if I hadn't put myself so deep past #12 I could have set a better line from  #13 to #14. Both courses today had straight 3-4 jump lines straight out. I was pleased at how Teller both checked in with me and read the lines.

Things are coming together! Onward! Here's the video from this weekend:

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