Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Wednesday Sequencing

I didn't have a lot of time to work Teller tonight before the normal Wednesday night classes began and this was his last work session before the trial this weekend. My goal for tonight was to work weaves, the a-frame and some front and rear crosses. I ended up doing for short sequences with my setup (moving one jump).

Here's the setup that we had problems with in the course I designed for Sunday run-throughs. It was the the 180 degree turn from #2 to #3 with him ahead of me (and on my left). No surprise he didn't have any problem with this sequence today. I swear this dog learns things in his sleep.

The weave entry to #4 was tough and it wasn't pretty - but Teller earned an A for effort to get around there to find the correct entry.


In the second sequence, I moved the #1 jump which created a mirror image of the first sequence (well 1-2-3 anyway).
Teller on my right for #1-#2, flip to #3 and then a send into the #4 weaves.

I ran this sequence three different ways - each with some pretty different advantages:
1) Teller and the weaves on my left, front cross before #2 and treat #2-#3 and #4 as a serpentine, with a pull to #5.

2)Teller and the weaves on my right, push out to #2

and then

3) Teller on my left, pull over #2, front cross before #3

If I had more time, I probably would have flipped this setup  as well...


I love serpentines. I'm not quite as enamored with threadles - and I've got to get better at handling them. Here's my token threadle sequence (and yeah, there's only one of them).

Lead out past #1, push out to #2, push to #3, 180 to #4 and around to the a-frame.

All told we got six good sequences out of this easy and quick setup. Fifteen minutes of training (including our 10 a-frame and 10 dog walk reps) and another 10 of chuck-it time. Not too bad for a Wednesday evening!

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