Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday Night Weaves

I didn't have a lot of time to train tonight and between my tire blow-out on Sunday and my injury on Monday (I fell over Murphy, broke a dish and managed to deeply embed a shard of ceramic in my palm, a deep slice in my thumb and an incredibly painful egg the size of a tennis ball on my shin) I was pretty sure that I was under the effects of a full moon and it was best if we didn't tempt fate.

Simple setup that I pulled four sequences from - I didn't plan - even though I have half a dozen "inspired by AKC nationals" sequences I've put together to work on.

Easy warm-up. Continued work on those independent weave poles. Sending Teller out and ahead of me over #1, about 10' of distance on the weave poles, call over #3 and front cross to #4.

Pretty much the same as above. Again with the distance in the poles. Send ahead, run ahead of Teller and threw in a blind-cross after #2.

I saw pull-throughs killing people at nationals this weekend. I ran this sequence a couple of times to tighten up the 180 from 1-2. Then a pull through to #3 and a send to the weaves,

I had some fun with this one, the same 180, but also ran this sequence with #3 on my right and a rear cross at the weaves.

I had some great independence in the weaves tonight and some good solid speed in the crosses and in the weaves.

Tomorrow is contact work!

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