Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday afternoon: Weave entries and a-frame reps

Next weekend we're back at AK9C (if all of the stars are in alignment) and back to 24" weave poles - thank god for that - I really don't like putting him through the shorter spacing. So today's work was one of my "one stick sessions". My goal for tonight was to work weave entries and a-frame reps. For the a-frame reps I lowered the a-frame down to 5'. Two weeks ago Teller managed to get himself tangled in the PVC box. To be fair he shouldn't have hit the box with his right rear paw and while I don't think he hurt himself he did scare himself enough that the next time I asked him for an A-frame rep he actually came up and over and then paused above the box. At that point he just didn't have the momentum  to bounce into the box.

So today I started with some box reps on the ground. Pounce into box and then tunnel -> jump -> box. Then I lowered the A-Frame to 5' and built up some more confidence and accuracy into the box on the a-frame. I was pleased to see him confidently bouncing into the box on the a-frame again...I'll probably do one more session on the lower a-frame before putting him back up to the box on the full-height a-frame over the weekend.

Sequence A on right: 

After our 10 a-frame reps I setup a short sequence. My plan was to reinforce speed in the weaves to I broke off the sequence and threw the ball after #3, #6, #8 and then after #12. I started this sequence with Teller on my left, blind-crossed the tunnel, front-crossed after the weaves.

Restarted with Teller on my left over #4 and then front-crossed before the #6 weaves. Handled the #8 weaves with Teller on my left -  but moving ahead to ask him to find his own entry with me down by pole 5.

I put in a front-cross before #9 and a blind at #10.  I'm still not as comfortable as I should be with the blinds - so I'm trying to look for places to add them and work on them in training.

Sequence B on left:

To get the tunnel one must give up the tunnel - we've been seeing SO much of this recently where the off-course tunnel is the end that just calls the dogs...PUPPY PUPPY PUPPY, come into this off-course tunnel suck. Pay no attention to your handler, it's the tunnel you shall seek. So another weave sequence, this time working on tunnel temptation... Front-cross into the weaves (resist the tunnel Teller-Woo) and another front-cross between #4 and #5.

I handled the #8 weaves on my left with a push out to #9 finishing with a rear cross on the #12 weaves.


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