Monday, March 15, 2010


As luck would have it Northern VT missed that huge Atlantic coast storm that hit New Jersey with hurricane force winds so we got a little rain yesterday - but I'll take any forecast in March that has a high temperature above 40. Spring fever is hitting us pretty hard around here these days - Spring in Vermont as I've said a few times is such a magical time of year. This spring seems like no exception. A mere three weeks ago we had a relatively big snowfall - heavy wet snow that hurt to shovel - and just more punishing cold. Then right before the SAAC show (March 6-7) it was as though winter just - gave up. Highs in the 40's, lows above freezing - Sunshine. Gorgeous SUNSHINE!! This week the trend continues. It's lighter later, warm enough to get the dogs out to play after work. It won't be long before the tulips out front look like this:

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