Monday, March 08, 2010

Spring thaw and muddy dogs.

After 25+ hours in the car and crates this weekend, Murphy and Teller were both due for some serious romping and running. My plan was to take them out to the reservoir but word was that the ice was still all the way to the shores (despite the 45-50 degree weather) - so that meant a lot of soft ice. So we went out to the school to run. Murphy and Teller got about 45 minutes of all out running - something they both needed - particularly Murphy who had all that idle time in the car - but none of the mental stimulation aspect of going into the ring and running a course.

Saturday and Sunday high temperatures were in the mid-40's and today topped out at 50 degrees, so what little snow we've had this winter has melted, but the ground is by and large frozen (save for the upper 3-4" of mud!). It was too nice a day not to go out and play - even knowing that it'd be a mess to clean up. I'm not sure what the school soccer fields used to be 60 years ago before it was a school - but the smell of two wet muddy dogs was something to be reckoned with - that was amazingly STINKY mud! Two baths and a load of laundry later and the two boys are soggy, happy and tired!

It's too early of course for this to be spring - but it sure feels nice to have days like today when it seems like spring is a possibility and that maybe, just maybe winter won't last forever!

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