Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Inspired by AKC nationals - Part 1

After watching the AKC nationals all weekend I've come up with some short sequences that both fit into the 70'x40' space at Waggles but also capture the essence of the challenging  bits of the courses. I came up with the following two sequences that are derived from the round three hybrid course. This one fit nicely in about 2/3 of the space available - I actually set the tunnel a little flatter and wider than the image below depicts.

I handled this one a few different ways. I have a great send to the tunnel/startline with Teller - this was one of the things I felt comfortable working with him as a young dog - so he has lots of confidence taking the tunnel in front of him while I lead out elsewhere. I set him up in front of the #1 entrance of the tunnel and moved past #2. I released him and moved out towards #6, pulled him through with a front-cross. He read the 180 from #4 to #5 which allowed me to front cross smoothly between #5 and #6.

I also tried a blind cross after #5 - which I didn't like and also handling #2 from the left side and pivoting as he went over #3 - I feel like that might be a safer bet with keeping the bar up, but it wasn't the smoothest route for Teller.

When I watched this sequence on the livestream I didn't understand why the dogs weren't taking the off-course tunnel after #2 (though it wasn't #2 on the full course), I set up that tunnel to be inviting, but even tunnel-suck Teller just didn't see that tunnel as an inviting option. I handled it from the #4 side of the serpentine, front-crossing between #3 and #4 and then handling 4-5-6 as another serpentine. I didn't like that - I felt like my footwork and Teller's path between 5 and 6 was inefficient and sloppy. When I ran it again I preferred the pull through, actually taking him out a bit past #5, bringing my hand in and then sending him ahead of me onto the teeter.

The original course was designed by Dan Butcher and as such is (obviously) not my content to re-post here (courses are the intellectual property of the judge that designed them) - it can be found here. However, I do feel comfortable posting my small sequences that were inspired by particular courses. As far as any implied intellectual property that I post here, understand that these sequences are only my interpretation of small seqeunces, based on what I want to work on with my own dogs. As such, I welcome and encourage other folks to download, setup and use the sequences I post here.

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